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Robin Harris


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North Kensington London 1949
Barlby Road Primary School 1955-61
St Clement Danes Grammar School 1961-66
Hammersmith School of Art 1967-68
Liverpool College of Art 1968-71
Royal College of Art 1971-74
as Illustrator/Painter
Visiting tutor at various art colleges

“I was six years old, drawing at school, when I realised that the outlines I was employing did not define my own body or anything else in reality.

Seven years old standing in school playground decided to write or paint as that way I would avoid going to work and having a boss.

Thirteen years old learnt to draw copying DC Comics.

My work tends to shift and change, I guess in the same way as my ideas and interests alter. At present most of my work is drawn and painted on a computer screen and like many other Illustrators I tend to get up at noon.”

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Robin Harris
10 January 2000